Jenga Dare

An active, icebreaker, drama, camp game

How To Play Jenga Dare

Materials Needed

jenga set, pen or texta, sticky labels

This is a great youth group ice breaker game. Would work really well to help the group mingle and get comfortable being around one another.

You'll need a jenga set or even a giant jenga set if you have one. On each jenga block, write a "dare" (using the texta and sticky labels). Make sure the dare isn't going to be too hard, but just something that will be funny or silly. (ie. do 10 starjumps, act like a chicken for 10 seconds, get a glass of water and drink it upside down, share a limmerick). If you don't want to write or stick things on your jenga blocks then I suggest just making up a whole lot of dares on bits of paper and putting them into a hat or box to pick from.

Essentially, the rules of the game are the same as Jenga. Each player takes a turn to remove a block from the tower without making the tower fall over. If they are successful they will need to complete the dare written on the block (or pick one at random from the hat). Could make it so that if the tower falls over on someone's turn, maybe everyone has to do the dare at once (if possible).

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on 22 March 2011


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Maybe instead have relatively easy dares on the blocks and have a secret list of more challenging dares that are given to anyone that knocks over the tower.

Posted by Thomas 10 years ago

Just write numbers on each jenga block. Then you can create a list with a dare (or anything else) that corresponds to that number. That way the dare is a surprise and it can be used for multiple different things.

Posted by Jon 11 years ago

Hi Shorty, you've got some great games im glad i found this sight, i run a youth group and guide group and your games are great some of then i know by other names

Posted by Deb 11 years ago
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