A team-building, relaxed, icebreaker, duel game

How To Play Identity

Materials Needed

2 pieces of posterboard, paper, butcher paper

Divide your group into 2 teams. Each person writes the name of a well known person they would like to be play for this game on a notecard.
"Well-known" can mean famous (Madonna) or very well known (Abe Lincoln).

The leader then collects the notecards (one team at a time) and writes on a piece of posterboard the names. Teams sit together and posterboard is displayed by the corresponding team.

Teams go back and forth trying to figure out which person on the other team has chosen what well-known person ("Will is Abe Lincoln" or "Lauren is Madonna"). If they guess right that person then joins their team. Game goes until all players are on one team and that team is the winner.

You are keeping secret the identity of the person you wrote down but teams work together to figure out who is who.


team-work, fun

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on 31 August 2011


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I've played this game several times, also known as "Family". When I successfully guess that Will is Abe Lincoln then Will joins my team and I become the team leader. As I continue to guess correctly more join my team. However, ff someone guesses my identity then me, Will, and the rest of my team would join the new team.
When done correctly there should be two team leaders in the end, whoever guesses the last leader gets everyone on their team.

Posted by Abe 6 years ago

We played this game but not with teams to start. We wrote our choice of person, or character down and one person does not play but reads to the group all the names twice. Then start with one person calling out someone and guessing what/who they wrote down. If wrong, next person on left takes a guess (not have to be same person guessing about) and so on. If correct that person joins the one who guessed correctly and becomes a team. Then the one who guessed shares with his/her partner what he/she wrote. This way they will know not have to guess that name/character. That team then will get to go again until they get it wrong. The fun is remembering the names written. They are only given in the beginning twice. The winner becomes the last person who's name or character was forgotten or not chosen. Or you could go with the team that has the most on their side at end.

Posted by jackie 9 years ago

like this so much

Posted by nicky 9 years ago

I agree with Isaac. I found that it was ok to end the game once one team had guessed identities of all members of the opposing team. Keeps game from endng in a tie. A slight advantage given to the team who begins the game.

Posted by kevin 11 years ago

I think it would be cool if the kids, instead of being in a team, just acted as Madonna or Abe Lincoln or whoever they have chosen, and attempt to guess who each other is, even if they get put into pairs just to work together to work out who is who. And once you have been guessed you are out. :)

Posted by 11 years ago

The problem with this game is, if each team manages to guess some people, they are bound to that team. Meaning the teams will never completely form one team. It has to end with the largest team.

Posted by Isaac 11 years ago

but im confused what they mean by corresponding team why cant people just talk in smaller words im only 19 and im in charge of games at my youth since im a youth leader but some people on here make it hard to explain the game to my youth kids

Posted by becca 11 years ago

This is a very interesting game. I have played it with my group and it's a good ice breaker :-)

Posted by Thandiwe Bula 12 years ago

once will who is abe lincoln is stolen he stays on the team that stole him.

Posted by Mtiger 12 years ago

I think this might be a quicker way to do 4 on a couch, but I'm not sure about the mechanics. What stops a team from stealing their member back once they lose them? If team A guesses "Will is Abe Lincoln" correctly, why wouldn't team B guess the same and get Will back. Wouldn't this go on indefinitely?

Posted by ranarok 12 years ago
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