Ice Cream Snowmen

A food, duel game for junior youth and small groups

How To Play Ice Cream Snowmen

Materials Needed

Vanilla ice cream
A plate per team
A table outside to play on

In teams, give the kids an even amount of ice cream on a plate, on a table outside. Using only their hands, give them 5 minutes to make a snowman. Best snowman wins.

It's good team work, because touching ice-cream with your bare hands for a few minutes is tough, so they usually all help out! And depending on the weather, it might melt faster than they want!


team work, endurance, sharing

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on 7 March 2013

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My youth kids loved this game! It did turn into a bit of an ice cream snowball fight afterwards though, which I probably should have seen coming, so watch out for that!

Posted by Jim McIntyre 11 years ago
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