Human Paper Scissors Rock

An active icebreaker duel game for large groups

How To Play Human Paper Scissors Rock

Materials Needed


This game is a variation of normal paper scissors rock. I'm going to assume you know how that one works. However, instead of using just your hands, you use your entire body. For scissors, you stretch out your hands and open and close them (like a pair of scissors, or a crocodile if you like). For Rock you grab one knee with your hands and bring it up to your chest. And for Paper, you put you hands up in the air and move your body as if you're a sheet of paper in the wind.

It starts off with everyone choosing one opponent. They jump up and down 3 times, saying "paper, scissors rock" and on rock they do their action. Whoever loses becomes the winner's cheer squad, so they have to cheer for this person with whoever they verse next. If a person with 3 cheerers loses to someone else, they all become cheers for this other person. Eventually it comes down to two people with the entire youth group cheering! Lots of fun, and great way for kids to get to know each other's name.

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on 19 March 2009


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My leader used samson, delilah and the lion :)

Posted by serene 11 years ago

I was totally at that KCC thing too :P

Posted by Isaac 12 years ago

It's rock paper scissors not paper scissors rock

Posted by Jay 12 years ago

We actually discovered this game at a conference at Katoomba ... best game ever!!!
Must've been at least 1000 people that played it - absolutely hilarious.
We also have played it at my youth and they quite enjoy it... we usually play it as a game to get a winner who is then interviewed or something similar

Posted by Janice 14 years ago

Hey we also played this game with a big group of kids and had them in 2 teams. They would have 15 seconds to decide on an action and then have a face off... who evers team won would then chase the other team and try an tag as many before they reached the safe boundary.. those who got tagged would then join the winning team. The objective was to get the oppisite team on your side.... Loads of fun!

Posted by Zoe 14 years ago

Very funny. I am going to use this with my high school ministry.

Posted by mike passmore 14 years ago

i like this game. gonna try this out during our youth camp on Wednesday :) thanks for sharing :)

Posted by deity 14 years ago
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