Human Netball

An active game

How To Play Human Netball

Materials Needed

2x Marked-out zones at each end of the playing area (1m x 1m)
1x Ball (Netball, basketball, etc.)
An open playing area

1. Divide the group into 2 teams.

2. Each team is to elect one person to become the human goal. The elected persons then stand in one of the marked zone areas.

3. One team is to start with the ball in the middle of the play area. Their aim is to get the ball to their human goal. To get the ball to their goal they will pass the ball between their team until they can pass it to their team's human goal. A point is scored when their team's human goal catches the ball.

4. Whilst the other team is passing the ball around, the other team can attempt to intercept passes and get the ball back. They then aim to score at their human goal.

5. Game continues until the allocated time is over. The team with the most points wins.

- Cannot move with the ball.
- The opposition team cannot be within 1m of the person with the ball.
- You cannot hit the ball out of anyone's hand.
- No one but the human goals can be in there marked sections.

Any rules broken result in the ball going to the team who didn't break the rules.

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Isaac Titterton
on 2 May 2023

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