Goldfish Gauntlet

An active food game

How To Play Goldfish Gauntlet

Materials Needed

Tarpaulin, A Bowl full of Live Goldfish, Several cans of sliced Peaches, Blindfolds, Stopwatch.

This game is great when done infront of a crowd.

Select four people from the crowd to be your players. The best people to get, are squirmish girls (You'll see why in a moment). Get the players to take their shoes and socks off, and stand on the short end of the tarpaulin. (At this stage, the goldfish and peaches should remain hidden).

Then get someone to bring out the goldfish, and tell the players that you will be putting the goldfish out onto the tarpaulin, and their aim is to walk across the tarpaulin without squashing any of them! Now blindfold them.

Instead of putting the goldfish out, spread the sliced peaches all over the tarpaulin. While this is happening, it's best to tip off the crowd (Maybe with signs so the players can't hear) and get them to play along... making "ooooh!" sounds whenever the players step on peaches.

Once that's done, get the players to run across the tarpaulin one at a time. The fastest player wins a prize!

This is great fun to watch. Especially when the players freak out, thinking they've stepped on a goldfish. It's also a great way to get the crowd involved.

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on 23 September 2007


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We haven't played this yet, but I think it sounds hilarious. My bet is that no one really belives they're going to step on live goldfish but when they step (blindfolded) on the peaches they're imaginations will get the best of them.

Posted by Sharon 4 years ago

"The best people to get, are squirmish girls" - what a horribly sexist comment. I hope you're more aware of your word choice now than you were in 2007 when this was posted.

Posted by Nicole 4 years ago

I'm sorry but for someone who loves animals, this is not funny even as it is intended as a joke. If I were to stand up in front of my youth group kids and tell them I was going to lay live gold fish out on a tarp and then tease them into freaking out about possibly stepping on one, no child in their right mind would play this game. I can't even believe this is on this web site.

Posted by Scott 7 years ago

I've also done this with eggs instead of fish and peanut shells instead of peaches. That way you don't have blindfolded teenagers running around getting peach juice all over the place. Only issue is kids with nut allergies.

Posted by Brew 10 years ago


Posted by Red 12 years ago

This game would be great at a 18th birthday party. Send 6 volunteers outside and bring in two at a time. Awesomely funny!

Posted by kerryn 13 years ago

i lyk a lot

Posted by maree 15 years ago
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