Going Up or Going Down?

An active, team-building, icebreaker game for small groups

How To Play Going Up or Going Down?

You start by splitting everyone up into teams of two. Everyone is standing and has their backs against each other. Holding their hands in the air, they have to sit on the floor without falling over. After they sit down, tell them that they have to get back up! (also with their hands in the air) This game is great to encourage team building.

After your teams have successfully (or somewhat successfully--you decide) completed the task, mix up the teams. Make sure that you now have three people on each team, and repeat the process. After that, break up the groups into teams of four. This game can be really versatile, and can be played whether you have four, eight, or twenty youth. It can work well as an icebreaker, but is also good to reinforce a lesson on cooperation, encouragement, and/or trust.

If you want, you can have prizes for the teams that sit down and stand back up the fastest.

When you're done, talk about how cooperation is really important--if one person stands up without waiting for the rest, everyone falls down! This game can become really hilarious.


cooperation, encouragement, trust

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christian youth
on 9 November 2011


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Hi Amy, How did you present the game to them? Good that the leaders had fun but did you give the kids enough incentive to join into game. Was it the icebreaker?(cant see it as an icebreaker but something done once the youth are mor comfortable after an icebreaker) just some thoughts....

Posted by darren 12 years ago

Sooo, looking on this site, i thought this would be a great game to play with our kids in our church group. I WAS WRONG! it is a great game, but our kids are so not into anything! the leaders had way more fun with it than the kids.

Posted by Amy Likes Bagels 12 years ago
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