Fruit Juice Face-off

An active team-building food game

How To Play Fruit Juice Face-off

Materials Needed

bucket, water, several different types of fruit, bowl, potato mashers, fruit juice

Each team must line up behind an empty bowl. At the other end there must be a bucket of water with one of each type of fruit in there (preferably one for each team member). In the middle, between the bowl and the bucket, there can be some kind of obstacle like a chair.

When the leader says "Go!" the first team member must run up to the other end, and army crawl under the chair, then stick their head in the bucket and grab one of the pieces of fruit using no hands. Once done, they must bring it back the same way they came and drop it in the bowl. Then the next team member can go and do the same thing.

Meanwhile the rest of the team must crush the fruit in the bowl with potato mashers to begin making the fruit juice mix. It might help to have some fruit juice already in the bowl to make it a bit more juicy! When all the fruit items have been collected and crushed in the bowl, the team must completely finish their mixture by drinking it through straws.

The first team to do this wins!

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on 22 September 2007


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wouldn't it be a bit unhygienic to let them pick it up, not using their hands, so i'm guessing they use their feet or mouth :S then they drink the stuff?, maybe have it with like tongs or toothpicks or something,

Posted by Joss 12 years ago

The only problem I've seen with this game is that it can be embarassing for bigger youth members, and if you change it just for them, it can create just as much if not more embarassment

Posted by Jake 12 years ago

Which fruits did you use or could be use?

Posted by Carlos 12 years ago

This sounds awesome!

Posted by (Ge)off the wall(rus) 12 years ago

i found this game very interesting & enthusiistic.

Posted by hardip sidhu 15 years ago
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