Freeze Frame

A team-building, drama, no prep game for small groups

How To Play Freeze Frame

Prepare a list of guessable words or phrases to use in the game. Divide the group into two teams (or as many as needed).

For each round, each team will need to appoint a "guesser". To start, the guesser will wait at the opposite end of the room to the rest of the team and ensure they are facing away from everyone.

Show the team (except the guesser) their word or phrase. Then, in 30 seconds, they must come up with a "freeze frame" idea to show to their guesser. For the "freeze frame" they must position themselves to make a clue for the word/phrase that will help the guesser guess. For example, if the word is "beach" they could position themselves to create a beach scene. Obviously, when the thirty seconds are up, they must hold themselves in the freeze frame positions and cannot move or communicate in any other way to the guesser. The guesser then gets thirty seconds to lock in a guess. If they are incorrect, then the team will get two more opportunities to create a new "freeze frame" to extend the clue and help the guesser get it right.

When the guesser correctly guesses the word or phrase, you can change over who the guesser is and move onto the next one.

You can get both teams to go at the same time (with different words or the same word) or you can spread them out so they do it at separate times and the other team gets to have a break and watch.

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