Four Corners

An active, wide, camp game for junior youth

How To Play Four Corners

Materials Needed

One Blindfold

This is one of the simplest games I've known, but it still adds up to fun. Hopefully someone hasn't already covered it.

1. You'll need to play in a room with four corners, so it can't be circular.

2. Each corner must be labeled with a number, from 1-4.

3. The person who is blindfolded (preferably some type of facilitator) will go into the middle of the room and begin counting to ten. All of the other players must scramble for one of the four corners. If anybody cannot make it to a corner in time, they must be eliminated for the round.

4. When the countdown is done, the facilitator will yell out a number between 1 and 4. Anybody in the corner of that number is eliminated for the round.

5. This pattern goes on until their is only one other person standing. They win!

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on 20 December 2015


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Can also play with a dice, 6 spots around room, when time is up you roll the dice. it makes it a bit more random, people aren't as likely to know what number will be called and eliminates some cheating.

Posted by T 6 years ago

I've played this with all ages and it's a great game...however, I spin the blindfolded player 3 times before starting, just so they aren't familiar with the corner allocations...

Posted by Deb 6 years ago

After a number is called people must run to another corner without getting caught by the facilitators. Who ever gets caught is out and who ever is the last in the game wins .

Posted by Chyna 8 years ago
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