Extreme Bucket Ball

An active camp sports game

How To Play Extreme Bucket Ball

Materials Needed

2 buckets (large), and 1 basketball

You start out by setting up 2 chairs on each end of the room or wherever you are playing. If you play outside, make sure you have a good size gap between the two chair. You're going to pick 2 teens to stand on the chairs. They are going to be holding the buckets. Everybody else will be divided into 2 teams. The more even the teams are, the better! The catch is that you cannot move with the ball! Once you catch the ball, you have to freeze and throw it to another member of you're team then they have to freeze and so on.You do this till you get it into you're basket! The other team has the chance to steal the ball as well! The person on the chair can move the bucket around to catch it, but cannot come off of the chair.

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Amber Callahan
on 12 May 2011


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this sounds like fun! im going to play this tomorow at my youth group!!!!

Posted by zaurrren 11 years ago

cool game..il try it in my youths fellowship this friday..............

Posted by ashwin 12 years ago
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