Everyone's It!

An active no prep game for large groups

How To Play Everyone's It!

Same rules as chasey... except everyone is it!

Get everyone to put their non-prefered hand on their head. Then, everyone has to run around in the specified area and get other people out by touching their elbows.

Last one in wins!

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on 26 November 2007


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Pretty Nice

Posted by Trevor Robert 4 years ago

sounds fun

Posted by BrianKang 4 years ago

1. You can play with domn arm up or both arms up and have to tag elbow to elbow.
2. We are going to play this tonight and those who are tagged must say in that spot. They can still tag but can't move. If you play in a small enough space they will become added obsticals or u can name them tar pits or something cleaver that goes with ur lesson.
3. Finally, I am going to mark off our game area with cones. If the game slowes (one fast kid and some corner hiders) I will have an adult at each corner and on que they will each bring their cone I 1 large step. Those stationary (that have been tagged) - if out of bounds - move in and become part of the out of bounds line. They still can tag people. I will move lines in again every 30 secs or so.

Posted by George Boyle 4 years ago

I played this with only two grandsons in the dining room and they loved it!

Posted by Margo Smith 4 years ago

Sounds boring.

Posted by Melanie 5 years ago

I played this with my pe class that is very reactive and can't do team sports but we had a great time and played multiple rounds. I would even try switching it up and having people tag with non dominant hands.

Posted by gene 5 years ago

So do you touch the elbow of their nonpreferred hand? Do you touch only with your elbow on your nonpreferred hand? I'm sorry. I'm confused.

Posted by ashton 6 years ago

Just a need to clarify: What do you mean by "run around in a specified area"?

Posted by Eric 6 years ago

Norm - yes that's right.

Posted by Joel 6 years ago

Just to clarify: to get someone out, I use the hand that is not on top of my head to touch someone's elbow?

Posted by Norm 6 years ago

Yeah it's nice

Posted by The one 7 years ago

I gonna try this with my cousins and I think we will have great fun

Posted by Afra 7 years ago

I'm going to try this and see how it work's out.

Posted by Peter Dooley 7 years ago

Sounds like fun

Posted by Sterling 7 years ago

This is great to get kids moving and get some energy out

Posted by Luke 7 years ago

Also called Banana!

Posted by Starr 8 years ago
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