Electric Bean Bag

An active music game

How To Play Electric Bean Bag

Materials Needed

Bean Bag X3
or Pillows will suffice

1. You place the 3 bean bags or pillows in the centre of the gaming area.

2. Participants make a circle around the bean bags and hold onto each others wrists using Monkey Grip

3. Play some music (usually some loud music) and the participants hold on to each other while running around the bean bags.

4. Stop the music when ever you want

5. When Music stops the participants have to start wrestling while still holding on to each others wrists. The aim here is to throw someone into the bag.

If two people break their hold on each other they are both out (only when music has stopped)

6. Repeat steps 1-5 until only one stands victorious. Also as group gets smaller you may limit the amount of bean bags.

We have had fun playing this for the past 6 years at our youth it really fun we've even thrown people into chairs when bean bags weren't available.

P.S. Usually for safety reasons we separate the girls from boys when playing this

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on 23 April 2012


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Umm this sound like an awesome game but since we only have 2 girls I dont think we will be playing it

Posted by 12 years ago

This game was fun! I used it in my church's youth fellowship and the guys and the girls loved it. They had a lot of fun! Yes, we replaced bean bags with chairs. And of course, boys and girls were separated. The game is awesome!

Posted by Richard 12 years ago
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