Egg On Your Face

A food duel game

How To Play Egg On Your Face

Materials Needed

a piece of plastic tubing (best if it is clear and bendy with a diameter of approx 3cm), raw egg.

Crack an egg into the plastic tubing (it is possible to do this without a funnel, but you may want to use one).

This is a duel between two players. When you say 'go' they must blow as hard as possible on each end of the pipe. The first person to give up gets egg either in their mouth or on their face.

BE WARNED: One of our leaders played this with a bunch of kids and they blew so hard they passed out. Best to give a prep talking encouraging them to make it quick and if you feel it is going on for too long, pull the pipe away.

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on 31 March 2008


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We played this game last term and it went really well. Our tubes were black so the kids couldn't see what was in them. We used a variety of things: Soy sause, egg, salty milk... The runnier liquids sprayed everywhere, and some kids inhaled the liquids or got it in their eyes. But apart from that it was hilarious and the kids seemed to really enjoy it!

Posted by Sarah 12 years ago

We did this game last summer with Jr. High kids'. They loved it. One of the kids' challenged one of the youth leaders. When she said go, she blew and the youth leader put the other end of the hose over the Jr. high girl's head so that the egg went all over her hair. It was so funny!! The girl wasn't too happy, but all of the rest of us thought it was great!!

Posted by Jamie 13 years ago

Jasmine, may be try using jell-o?
Eggs do seem really messy. =)

Posted by ChoiLatte 14 years ago

This sounds like a great idea but is it possible to use something other than a raw egg?

Posted by Jasmine 14 years ago

Where can I find these clear bendy tubes?

Posted by Steph 15 years ago

Ran this activity last week. So gross and so much fun. The kids loved it.

I've been told as well that there can be health problems. People have gotten into trouble when they run out of breath and ended up aspiring a raw egg into their lungs. Best policy is just to pull the tube out of your mouth if you're running out of breath.

Posted by Andrew 15 years ago

watch for the kids that blow before you say go. If you get one of these kids pair them up with a leader and just ast they blow point your end of the pipe towards them and watch them blow it on there own face

Posted by Jennifer 15 years ago
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