Duck Duck Goose

An active, icebreaker, circle game for junior youth

How To Play Duck Duck Goose

Get the group to sit in a circle and then select one person to be "it". They must walk around the circle, tapping each person on the head as they go and say "duck" or "goose". If they say "duck" while tapping someone on the head, nothing needs to happen. But if "goose" is said, then the person who gets tapped on the head must get up and chase after the person who tapped them. The tapper's aim is to get all the way around the circle (one direction) and sit down in the now empty spot. If they make it, the other player is now it. If they get caught, they are still it and have to have another go at tapping.

If it gets boring, add in some twists, like making the players use a different set of words. So instead of "duck" and "goose" maybe use "apple" and "orange" or "hockey" and "football" - up to you!

Oh! Or this is a spontaneous idea, if the weather is hot, give the "it" person a water balloon, and when saying "goose" they must break the water balloon over their heads?



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on 22 December 2007


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Will try this at the next VBS

Posted by Roxane 12 years ago

this souds fun!

Posted by joyd 12 years ago

it is simple and good

Posted by leo mesias 13 years ago

haha we did this @ kids church, but decided to make it 'extreme' duck duck goose.. basically, set up an obstacle course, or a path that the kids have to run.. fairly sure i was more puffed out than the kids by the end of it!!

Posted by Claire 15 years ago

it sounds awesome with the waterbomb

Posted by =] smiley 15 years ago
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