Don't Step on the Eggs

An active food game

How To Play Don't Step on the Eggs

Materials Needed

Cornflakes, blindfold

Firstly blindfold the player and tell them that you have placed whole eggs around the hall.

Their aim is to get to the other end of the hall without stepping on what they think are eggs.

Instead of actually using eggs (because that could get a little messy)! put little piles of cornflakes all around the hall.

When they walk they'll step on the cornflakes and think that they've cracked an egg! Very funny facial expressions! ;)

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on 16 April 2010


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We did something like this, but we used mousetraps instead. We also had random items around such as small toys, just random objects that make it more challenging...and they had to take their shoes off, kept the socks on though (we were 7-12th graders) Our science teacher likes challenges lol

Posted by Millei 2 years ago

for my son's 10th bday, we are going to usnoodles and tell every one that they are worms.... heheheheh

Posted by linda 4 years ago

you should fill a balloon with canned peaches, then put a Saltines cracker on top. That would really feel like an egg.

Posted by Erik 6 years ago

It would be fun to use....WATERBALLOONS! It would be hilarious!

Posted by Ell 6 years ago

You could use some animal crackers if it will work

Posted by Tiffany 6 years ago

What does Holly have to do with anything?
I did this with Golfish and tinned peaches. Had two screaming 13yr old girls :D

Posted by Hollyo 10 years ago

goldfish and manderin orange slices

Posted by liz 11 years ago

I love the fortune cookie idea but any ideas besides hermit crabs?

Posted by Jeff 11 years ago

You can do the same thing with hermit crabs and fortune them a few hermit crabs first and then put the fortune cookies on the ground after they have been blindfolded.--maybe better to do with older kids

Posted by Bekah 12 years ago
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