Don't Forget Your Tooth Brush

A camp game for large groups

How To Play Don't Forget Your Tooth Brush

Materials Needed

You need a P.A. or Mega phone, pen, paper and what ever someone would bring to a camp

This youth game is best played on a camp. Come up with a list of items that you would find in a dorm (ie. toothbrush, mouth wash, a bed mattress, rubbish, mobile phone, bible etc.) and then find a central spot on the campsite to sit.

You call out over the P.A. or mega-phone the first thing on your list. Then all the campers quickly find the item in their cabin. The game is played in teams (or dorms) so they send one dorm member to bring the item out to you. The first team that brings the item to you gets the points. Continue with the rest of the items and see which dorm gets the most points.

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on 31 March 2010


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Sounds fun ? ._. lol

Posted by lappy 12 years ago

haha awesome! get a mattress!

Posted by 13 years ago
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