Donkey Game

A relaxed icebreaker drama game for large groups

How To Play Donkey Game

Materials Needed

Two balls

Everyone circles up, and two people start with a ball each. One ball is to be passed around the circle TWO people to the left, and the other ONE person to the right (or any other combination of the balls going in different directions). If ever someone is the circle ends up with two balls in their hands at the same time, they go into the centre of the circle on their hands and knees, kick their feet in the air, and make donkey noises, while the rest of the circle chants "so-and-so is the donkey!" (or any other fun suitable mildly humiliating action).

Continue for 10 seconds or so and send the balls around again.

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on 11 April 2010


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I did it tonight at youth meeting and it was a blast, they loved it Thank you

Posted by Polly 11 years ago

With certain kids this would be very hurtful, like in our youth group the kids mostly come in off the street and wouldn't take kindly to being humiliated in front of others.
I think the suggestions below are more fitting.

Posted by 11 years ago

I use this to find out who should answer a question related to our lesson. It's fun and no need to humiliate anyone and you have a great way to keep kids involved, have fun and still relate back to the lesson.

Posted by limegreensuzyb 13 years ago

Instead of having them do the humiliating donkey. You could give them penalties instead. eg. 10 push-ups, 20 sit-ups, run to a specified area ( a tree or area marked with a hoop ) where they do the chicken dance or a wiggle jiggle for 10 seconds :)

Posted by Tealey 13 years ago

Wow, really? Watch out with the humiliation factor. I'd be very careful.

Posted by Darrin 13 years ago
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