Create A Commercial

A relaxed, drama, music game for large groups

How To Play Create A Commercial

Materials Needed

Video camera, TV (all optional)

This game can either be done using a video camera and a TV, or just acted out on the spot.

Split your group up into teams and give each team a random object which they will need to advertise and maybe something like a theme (ie. "school" or "hospital") that they will need to run with.

Send each team off to prepare their commercial then either get each team to individually film their ad, or just bring them all back to the hall and get them to act it out in front of each other.

Great for a sleepover and always provides lots of laughs! Maybe have some light-hearted judges on the side also?

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on 16 April 2008


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This is a fabulous idea! I'm a substitute teacher and sometimes find it hard to keep middle school kids focused. I no longer have that problem. Thank you!!

Posted by Jennifer 5 years ago

thank you so much for this idea i had the kids i baby sit do this and they had so much fun !! thank you!!

Posted by nastasia 7 years ago

this site is a total gem; thanks so much for sharing all these ideas

Posted by poyong 8 years ago

using 2nite:)

Posted by Hawran 11 years ago

using this 2nite!!!! sounds great.

Posted by 12 years ago

keep up the good work will definitely use this stuff

Posted by patrice green 12 years ago

I thought of a different version of this its close to it. I thought of maybe diving theyouth into 3 groups then giving each group a verse which has a scene in the bible that they can reenact.

Posted by rosie 12 years ago

SOOOO GOOOOOD definitely using this at Youth tonight :)You guys are Awesome by the way, keep it up

Posted by Nathan 12 years ago

I use this website all the time to look for games for youth group:)

Posted by Nicky 12 years ago

A good spiritual application for this game would be that we are all advertising for something, but as Christians, it is our responsibility to advertise for the Lord Jesus Christ. Discuss the things that we can do to advertise more effectively for the cause of Christ.

Posted by Pastor Brandon 13 years ago

You can also advertise on how you will sell a Bible, to make someone buy it.

Posted by Berdine 15 years ago

this sounds great!!! im gonna use this with our youth 2nite

Posted by Adrienne Jennings 15 years ago

I think this site a wonderful resourse for youth groups

Posted by Jessie Mckn 15 years ago
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