Coal Mine Relay

An active mini-olympics team-building game

How To Play Coal Mine Relay

Materials Needed

Wheelbarrows, helmets, obstacles

This is a basic relay race using wheel barrows. You'll need at least two teams, each team needing 1 wheelbarrow. So depending on how many wheelbarrows you have available, this could restrict things a bit. Then set up a simple obstacle course with cones or other objects.

Each team sends a pair at a time around the course, one rider and one pusher. The rider sits in the wheel barrow while the pusher must push their partner through the obstacle course and back to their team. The next pair then does the same until all have completed.

Safety warning: It's a good idea to use helmets and also to set it up on a grassed area.

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on 16 April 2008


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how is this a no cost game

Posted by chacrist 9 years ago


Posted by whale lover 12 years ago

This game seems AWESOME!

Posted by Taylor 15 years ago
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