Chinese Kickball

An active team-building wide sports game

How To Play Chinese Kickball

Materials Needed

4 bases, kickball, & something to draw or make a bit circle with.

This is kind of like a normal game of kickball except there is only one pitcher--no outfielders, and everyone else is a runner. When the pitcher pitches the ball, only one person kicks but once this person kicks EVERYONE runs. THEY CAN RUN IN EITHER DIRECTION--can run from 3rd to 2nd to 1st or vise versa. THEY DO NOT STOP AT EACH BASE, they just need to touch it. If they are tagged by the ball then they must join the pitcher in the outfield. Every player must touch each base(my youth group just made a big circle for everyone to run through for each base). If you make it back to home base then you're safe!

What happens if someone is stuck at a base? The pitcher goes back to his pitchers mound or circle in the middle of the field and throws the ball up in the air (at least 15 feet high) and the player can run if he/she chooses--but they must run before another player can kick. EVERYONE MUST MAKE IT BACK TO HOME BASE OR BE OUT BEFORE ANOTHER ROUND CAN START. There can't be any remaining players on the bases.

For those who got out, they are now on the pitchers side and must help out the pitcher--they can catch the ball to get the kicker out but cannot throw the ball towards anyone, only the pitcher can do that.

So once everyone gets back to home base someone else can kick and just repeat everything.

The group can pick who is pitcher or someone can volunteer.

THIS IS A VERY, VERY EXHAUSTING GAME! Make sure to have a lot of water handy if it's a hot day outside. Good luck & enjoy! :)

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on 19 May 2011


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Omg! We played this game in the states and the people we played with as children have NEVER met anyone else who has played this. It was a great neighborhood game so even little kids can participate. To this day we never knew who started us playing this. We also played human and werewolves. Would love to find anyone else that played these games in the states too or if played elsewhere. Cheers.

Posted by Kay Oss 9 years ago

Thank you so much for really laying out the rules.

Posted by Riah 11 years ago
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