An active icebreaker game for large groups

How To Play Chaos

Materials Needed

1 chair per person

Get the youth to make a circle with the chairs facing inwards. There needs to be one less chair than there are people. One persom stands in the middle of the circle. The people sitting on chairs then have to make eye contact with someone across the circle (they cannnot make eye contact with someone next to them). Once they have made definite eye contact, they must get up and quickly swap seats. The person in the middle must also try to find a seat. Everyone does this all at once creating CHAOS!

Our youth group LOVES this game. It's a great way to break the ice.

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on 28 March 2012


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I love these types of games. They are hard on chairs, but you can also do them standing up in a circle with paper plates as the markers/chairs

Posted by David 9 years ago

Great fun game!!!

Posted by Rowen 10 years ago

I'd assume so...

Posted by Charles 11 years ago

so does this go in repeat ? the one who couldnt find a seat, goes to the middle, and the same process of the game keeps going as long as you want ?

Posted by Cyrus 11 years ago
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