An active team-building sports game

Also known as: Chair Foosball, Chair Volleyball

How To Play Chairball

Materials Needed

Beach ball or balloons

Set up your hall like a foosball table:

With chairs as the black and white team. The 'black' chairs face to the right goal and the 'white' chairs face to the left goal. The goal could be a bucket, 2 chairs or maybe someone standing on a chair.

The 2 teams have to sit in the chairs and hit the ball (or balloon) with their hands and try to get a goal at their end.

Pretty sure that's all!

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on 26 September 2007


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We did a really similar game with boundaries made from trestle tables lying on their side. As we had a smallish group they played with indoor unihockey sticks and a small rubber ball - great fun!!!

Posted by Gail 11 years ago

This game sounds like fun...I will definitely have to try it out on our kids. They are always up for a challenge.

Posted by Shannon 12 years ago

another option is to use more than one ball at a time! fun and challenging!

Posted by 13 years ago group of kids loved!

Posted by Kayla 14 years ago

Definately gunna try this one out. Looks like fun! Thanks for posting it :D

Posted by Mia 14 years ago

i'am looking for some cames for our youth this sounds like fun

Posted by pastor dimas marmolejo 15 years ago

Sounds like fun - kinda like live foosball game

Posted by David 15 years ago

this sounds like an absolute corka! cheers, and i know our kids will love it!

Posted by cam 15 years ago

Did this game last week, and our students loved it! We also taped glow sticks to a ball and turned out the lights. Only had one student get hit in the face! Great idea!

Posted by Eric 15 years ago

We love this one adapted to the dark. tape glow sticks all over the ball frame the goal with glow sicks and trun out the lights

Posted by colleen bloom 15 years ago

This game was so much fun! Our group loved offered a challenge for them. Thank you for posting this game! God Bless!

Posted by Kristi Hill 15 years ago
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