Chair on the Wall

A duel, no prep, non-contact game for large groups

How To Play Chair on the Wall

There is no equipment required for this game, except a blank patch of smooth wall.

Line up against the wall, with your backs right against the wall. Slowly move down the wall, "walking" your feet out, until you are in a sitting position - i.e. your thighs are parallel to the floor, and your knees are at a 90 degree angle. Your back should still against the wall. Your hands should be on your thighs or knees. The winner is the last person who can remain in this position.

Disqualification occurs when you lift a foot off the ground; when you touch the wall or floor with your hands; when you touch the floor with any part of your body other than your feet; when you move your back off of the wall completely, or when you scream out in pain and fall into a heap of muscle spasms.

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on 1 January 2007


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Its brutal, i've tried

Posted by Ben 11 years ago

Really good fun boys esp love the challenge. if you haven't got a wall you can go up against someone else back to back its team work too then :)

Posted by lowrilouelen 12 years ago

These are simply called wall sits. It is a workout exercies. I like the idea of turning into a game though.

Posted by Lucas 12 years ago

ouch... couple this with a lesson on endurance...

Posted by shawn 14 years ago
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