Caterpillar Race

An active team-building game

How To Play Caterpillar Race

Materials Needed


Divide your youth group kids into some groups, 4 works well as a relay. Just make sure the groups aren't too big.

Set them up in 4 lines across the room. Then send half of each team to the opposite side of the room.

Give each team a bed-sheet. The first player must drop to the group, roll themselves up in the bed-sheet, then caterpillar crawl across to the other side of the room and unroll themselves. Then the next team mate does the same until the entire team has finished.

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on 19 January 2008
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I used the sleeping bags but they all broke because the kids were really trying and I used them many times that day.

Posted by Heather 5 years ago

Also great using sleeping bags- head first so the kids are crawling blindly. HILARIOUS

Posted by ramsey 5 years ago

Also good using sleeping bags-- head in, so they are crawling blindly. HILARIOUS and my kids love it.

Posted by ramse 5 years ago

The kids loved it at a primary school lunchtime group. However, when the last child to do it got all wrapped up she had a panic - her sister explained that she doesn't like being confined in small spaces.
It's advisable to give the kids some warning on this one, especially because everyone was having so much fun it sounded like she was laughing but was in fact crying.
Other than that, the dozen others children loved it. We'll do it again with a warning in a few month's time.

Posted by Brad 9 years ago

hahahaha This was EPICNEEEESSSS I have some Pics... They do it pretty well :D

Posted by Tommyboy 10 years ago

Oh man this is going to cause absolute chaos with my youth. I'm doing this one this week !

Posted by Shahid 10 years ago

This sounds great. Will be doing this tomorrow morning!

Posted by tricia 11 years ago

Cant wait to try this at our church picnic. Calling fr rain so looking fr games to play under a pavillon. Thnkx

Posted by seashell 11 years ago

Fantastic! We're trying it tonight... Wish there were a way to post pictures/videoes of our kids doing it!

Posted by Warren 12 years ago

This game sounds like it will be really fun! I'm going to play it tonight at youth group. We have a pretty small and young age group so this should be very funny to watch : )

Posted by symone 14 years ago

We played this game tonight at youth group - it was fun! They ended up rolling from side to side instead of crawling :) Good game!

Posted by Amy Roberts 14 years ago

This sounds soooooo awesome! Trying it out with the youth =D

Posted by Claerwen Jones 14 years ago

We played this game, the kids liked it once. But the second time I tried it, they didn't want to play. It makes funny pictures, though.

Posted by Lois Howell, Honduras 14 years ago

This one should be fun to watch! Thanks for the idea :D

Posted by Anna Nickles 14 years ago

This sounds amazing!

Posted by Ruth Simpson 14 years ago

Gonna try this one with our youth tonight...sounds like a lot of fun!

Posted by Elijah Smith 14 years ago

This game sound fun!

Posted by Michael Smith 15 years ago
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