Candy Pants

An active, team-building, food, duel game

How To Play Candy Pants

Materials Needed

Clown Pants (or make your own), Candy

I love this game mostly because of the name, but it is fun to watch and play.

One person wears clown pants, the other person throws candy into them from a distance of about two body lengths away. The part of this game everyone loves most, after enjoying a few laughs, is picking up the candy at the end. It's like a pinata at a birthday party.

I usually use this game in two teams of two trying to catch the most, but one team of two can work as well competing against the clock. This is a great mini-game as part of a larger game.

I make my own clown pants by finding the largest pair of jeans that I can and stuffing a hula hoop through the belt loops. I finish it off with suspenders to keep them on. I also tell the wearer to roll up the cuffs of the pants so candy doesn't fall out.

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on 8 May 2009


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big sweat pants would work too since the ankles will be cinched

Posted by amy 13 years ago

Yeah we have done this one before but we use a piece of wood to catapult the lollies so its less predictable.

Posted by bob 13 years ago

Sounds kool i will try it!!! :-)

Posted by Meza 14 years ago


Posted by john 14 years ago
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