Bush Basketball

An active sports game

How To Play Bush Basketball

Set up the room or the playing area to have a chair at either end. Mark out an area around the chair using markers. It's best to have at least a couple metres between the chairs and the marked out circle.

Divide the group into two even teams and designate one person from each team to be the "goalie". The goalie must stand on their team's chair. The aim of the game is for a team to pass the ball between each other and eventually pass it to the goalie. If the goalie catches the ball while standing on the chair, then that's a goal!

The passing works like netball. So once you catch the ball, you can't step with it but you can pivot.

If the ball is dropped by the player trying to catch it, even if another player from the other team has interfered by hitting the ball away, then it is a turnover and the other team gets control of the ball.

Defending also works like netball, you can't contact other players but you are allowed to stand a few feet away from them and wave your arms around.

Set a time limit and whichever team has the most goals at the end wins.

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on 29 May 2020

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