Blindfolded Musical Chairs

An active icebreaker game for junior youth

How To Play Blindfolded Musical Chairs

Materials Needed

Chairs, Blind-folds of some sort (we used tea towels)

It's pretty much what the name suggests! Each person playing is blindfolded and chairs are spread randomly through the space, rather than in a line. Whilst the music is playing, leaders (or people not blindfolded) can move the chairs around so that players can't just find a chair and stay there. Players can not sit down until the music stops and blind folds can't be taken off until the player is eliminated. When the music stops they must blindly search for a chair and its a process of elimination like normal musical chairs! It was really hilarious when we played it! Kids and Leaders had a blast!

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on 19 February 2009


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Haha! this sounds awsum! Im helpin' my big bro organize games for uth t'nyt... think i'll suggest this wun! =OP

Posted by Cayla 12 years ago

I'm a student intern for the youth leader at my church and he has me and two other interns looking for games for our fall retreat this year. I am so gonna suggest this, it sounds awesome.

Posted by William 13 years ago

it's really funny when someone sits on someone elses lap

Posted by Cathy 13 years ago

This sounds really cool, i have to find youth group games so i might use this game!

Posted by Hannah 14 years ago

Played this game with 6 adults at our annual camp. What a HOOT.

Posted by Gerhard 14 years ago

hay, this is grate.

Posted by devamithra 14 years ago

This sounds like a great way to get everyone involved, even those that don't like to participate because of what other people might think. Our group isnt big enough for this yet... but I will keep it in mind...

Posted by Benji 14 years ago

This game sounds awesome... slightly dangerous... but awesome! I'm very keen to give it a go at my youth group soon.

Strange name though...

Posted by Shorty 15 years ago
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