Blindfolded Eating Competition

A food duel game

How To Play Blindfolded Eating Competition

Materials Needed

Large tray with sides going up, food items, blindfold, stopwatch or some timer.

The aim of this challenging messy food game is for a blindfolded person to eat the food items that are placed randomly on a tray as fast as they can.

The blindfolded player must use no hands, only their mouths, and have to find the food items on the tray. Serve a couple of the same or different food items per tray. It's very funny to watch! The person with the quickest time wins.

Suggested food items could be: lamingtons, cupcakes, jelly, brownies, cookies, pieces of fruit and lollies.

Ideally it works best for someone to hold the tray still while the blindfolded player eats and then wipe it out after they're finished.

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on 3 January 2011


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I really want a lamington now ... even though i don't know what it looks like ...

Posted by jeff 6 years ago

you have GOT to have a lamington, they're YUMMO

Posted by Steph 12 years ago

they are delicious!

Posted by Beatricesmullyflaps 13 years ago

a lammington is an australian plain cake, covered in chocolate icing and dusted with shredded coconut.

Posted by Amy 13 years ago

What in the world is a Lamington?

Posted by Leader Joe 13 years ago
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