Blind Man's Journey

A team-building relaxed game for junior youth and large groups

How To Play Blind Man's Journey

Materials Needed

blindfolds, maybe a treat or food at the end

Sometimes i just can't work out why kids like some games, but my younger group LOVES this game.

Blindfold half the group and pair them up with an un-blindfolded person.

Encourage them to walk in a line, you as the leader take them on a "journey". Create false obstacles (ie. go under a careful with this though, don't aim to deceive them too much, therefore losing their trust).

At the end they are led to the final prize I gave them food at the end, which was a good chance to sit down and do a discussion time.

Simple, but a winner.


trust, faith

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on 16 June 2008


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that was a good game my youth group also liked a lot

Posted by benny 8 years ago

This game is great been researching for ages and this is the only good one I've found thx

Posted by Emma 9 years ago

sounds great

Posted by Tiana 11 years ago
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