An active team-building food game

How To Play Blend-O-Rama

Materials Needed

Blender, cups, straws, three tasty ingredients, three nasty ingredients, supplies for three mini-games. A tarp and some towels would come in handy!

In this messy food game, contestants (two teams of two) face each other in three mini-games. The winner of each mini-game adds one ingredient to the blender. In the end, the ingredients are blended together and the losing team (losing two or more minigames) has to drink it.

The mini-games could consist of any short games (maybe with a 30 second timer) such as catching the most cheese puffs with a face covered in shaving cream, Catching the most items in clown pants, short trivia competitions, or maybe "State the Cheese."

Make sure that when asking for youth to participate, you stipulate that you are looking for people with strong stomachs. I usually look for teams of "Two of the most macho men and two of the most courageous ladies in the room."

This works great to tie into a lesson about mercy or treating others the way you'd like to be treated. I sometimes surprise them by asking the winning team to drink the shake. That way they "get a taste of their own medicine" and experience how they "treat" others.

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on 8 May 2009

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it sounds awsome and funny but i fee bad for the people who would have to drink it!

Posted by emily 12 years ago
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