Blend It

A food duel game

How To Play Blend It

Materials Needed

food, blender, plastic cups

Explain the game as a simple food eating competition game - you could do it with hotdogs or burgers or anything you can think of. Once you have selected volunteers and they are ready to start eating, that's when you bring in the twist!

Bring out the blender!

Add all the ingredients into the blender and turn it on. Once it's sufficiently blended, turn off the blender and pour out the liquid into clear plastic cups (enough for each contestant). The competition is now whoever can drink the liquid food-shake the fastest.

I've heard this has been been with hotdogs with the lot or an entire cheeseburger meal from McDonalds. It certainly doesn't end up tasting very nice, so best to run this activity outside or somewhere that has a floor that is easy to cleanup.

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on 21 March 2011


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@Karo: that is a great idea!

Posted by Craig 12 years ago

We did this as a two team challenge. Each team was asked a series of quiz questions-if they got the answer right, they got to choose a food item to put in the opposing teams blender. If they got the question wrong the other team got to choose a food item to put in the wrong teams blender. Items included a jar of gherkins, baby corn, mustard, tomato sauce, milk, bbq sauce-pretty much just cleaned out the pantry and fridge! My youth run a mile if they see a blender at youth group now!!!

Posted by Karo 12 years ago

Idea: Do a few rounds, the combinations getting more disgusting each round. Then the last round do something that just flat out wouldn't work.
Talking point: somethings do not mesh with the changes that God works in our lives and when we try to force them the results are vomitous

Posted by Craig 12 years ago

we did a whole Mcdonalds happy meal in the blender once and got volunteers to drink it - talk about disgusting

Posted by 12 years ago

this is grosssssss what if i choose to put in different food items like hamburger n nuggets wud that bhii okk

Posted by Anon 12 years ago
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