Birdie on a Perch

An active no prep game for large groups

How To Play Birdie on a Perch

Players should pair off into partners (girls with girls and guys with guys is usually better). One player will be the birdie and the other will be the perch. You might want to suggest that the person who is the birdie needs to either be somewhat smaller or the same size as the perch.

All of the perches make a circle and walk counter-clockwise. While all of the birdies make a larger circle around the perches and walk clockwise. After a few seconds call out "Birdie on a Perch!" and the partners must find each other and the birdie must jump onto the back of the perch. The last pair to find each other is out. Continue until there is only one pair left.

For a bit of your own entertainment, call out different walks for the players to do. Such as: walk like a bird, a ballerina, run way model, ninja, etc.

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on 16 November 2008


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This is really fun... its better if the teams are composed of one boy and one girl... We have played it that way and it was really fun...

There was one rule in the arrangement of team members - Girls must be birdies and boys Perches, so the game wont look strange to people around when the birdie must jump on the back of the Perches... :)

Posted by Bojan 12 years ago

This sounds fun. I'm going to try it this Friday with the youth.

Posted by Nelson 13 years ago
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