Bippity Bop-Bop

A relaxed, circle game for junior youth and small groups

How To Play Bippity Bop-Bop

1) Everyone arranges themselves in a circle. One person is picked to be in the center.

2) That person will walk around the circle in a dramatic way (the more dramatic, the funnier it is).

3) They will silently pick a person and clap in their direction followed by shouting "bippity-bop-bop" or "bop" as fast as they can.

4) If they shouted "bippity-bop-bop," the person chosen must say "bop" before the one in the center can finish. If they shouted "bop" before he/she in the center finished, the person in the center has to move on to another person. However, if they fail to say "bop," the person selected will go in the center.

5) If the person in the center chose to say "bop," the person selected cannot say anything. If they do so, they will be moved to the center.

6) Keep playing until you get bored.

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on 4 January 2016

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