Bible Centred

An active game for junior youth and large groups

How To Play Bible Centred

Materials Needed

one chair and a bible (or other book)

Balance a bible on a chair in the middle of your playing area. Form a circle around the bible, with everyone holding hands. If you knock the bible off or break hands, you are out.

This game can be dangerous if players tug too hard and try to make others fall over. Another concern is the location in which it's played - maybe best to play on a grassed area rather than a hard surface. Make sure there's no dangerous objects near where people could fall over.


God's word

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on 14 February 2010


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The instructions leave out one vital thing. Your goal is to pull everyone else into the chair. We have played this without the bible and just used a chair and our group love it! We've also used an inflatable cactus and a stack of bean bags.

Posted by Isaiah 6 months ago

See entry above - Poison Stick went really well and the kids just loved it. Safe and fun - and no damaged Bibles!

Posted by Derek 13 years ago

Not so sure about the Bible on a chair! See the game 'Ameba' and use a something like a stick instead. We are trying this version tomorrow and we are calling it 'Poison Stick'.

Posted by Derek 13 years ago

maybe you could try it with another book.

Posted by Andrew 13 years ago

Is purposely knocking a bible onto the ground appropriate?

Posted by lauren 13 years ago

That doesn't sound very exciting.

Posted by danineteen 13 years ago
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