Beach Ball Basket Ball

An active duel sports game for small groups

How To Play Beach Ball Basket Ball

Materials Needed

A beach ball (or any type of ball), chairs, a bucket (or some type of basket), and a classroom setting.

1. Leaders divide the group into 2 teams and leaders place the baskets on opposite sides of the classroom.
2. Each member of the teams must grab a chair and place it anywhere they would like in the room.
3. One player on each team is selected as the goalie, but the back of the goalie must face the basket and they must be at least 2-3 feet from the basket.
4. Players play one round of rock paper scissors in order to decide who will get the ball first.
5. Players must pass the ball, and shoot it into the basket in order to receive points.

(Keep in mind that leaders should decide how much points the teams should receive before they win. If the group seems to be making lots of point, perhaps 10-15 points would be imperative. However, if the group seems to be struggling, perhaps 5-10 points would better suit the group.)

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Abu Gashek Golem
on 1 July 2017
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Hi! Just saw your question about the purpose of this game. I've played similar versions and was grateful to get a classroom version of this game so thanks for posting! The purpose, I would say, is pure fun and team building; breaking the ice. I have quite a mixed group of teens, including teens with various needs and think this game will work as an icebreaker for various mobility/ability levels as well. Everyone should feel included; thanks!

Posted by Kate O'Brien 5 years ago

its good game but what is the propose/objectives of this game? i want know?

Posted by Abdikani Hassan 6 years ago
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