Banana Chomp Relay: Eat

An active team-building icebreaker game for junior youth

How To Play Banana Chomp Relay: Eat

Materials Needed

One Banana per player. Black permanent marker

Using the Bananas with the kids' names on them, pile all the bananas in a heap at the front of the room. Using the same teams line them up at the back of the room. Give each team member a number. We had numbers 1-5 on each team.

The leader needs to yell a number, and the kids with that number from each group run up, find their banana, run back to the group, and eat it. The team that finishes eating all their bananas first, wins.

Our kids loved this one!

Added by
Lois Howell Missionary in Honduras
on 3 October 2008


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Well yes, each team could have a number (ie. if there are three teams - Team 1, Team 2, Team 3) but in each team each player would also have a number (ie. Player 1, Player 2, Player 3, Player 4, Player 5). You are correct about the team's gaining points.

Posted by Shorty 11 years ago

I get it now. Thanks Shorty. It means that each team has a number, and the team slowly accumulates points yeah?

Posted by David 11 years ago

David - I think it means that there could be 5 players on each team, and each player in that team would get a number (ie. 1,2,3,4,5). So when a number is called (ie. 3) all the players with the number 3 in each team would get up and run to find the banana with their name written on it. Whoever finished the banana first would get a point for their team.

Posted by Shorty 11 years ago

I don't get it. You said someone will yell a number from 1 - 5, and the kids with that number will rush to get the banana and finish it. Team wins when banana is finished. ///// Isn't the number the team? Someone pls clarify me.

Posted by David 11 years ago

Haha that sounds awesome!! I'll have to try it at our youth group.

Posted by Emma 11 years ago

As a team leader I set this game up for my youth including the little ones from age of 4yrs and it was very amusing watching them trying to finish their banana lol whole team enjoyed especially the little snack haha... Thanks for great ideas keep them coming :)

Posted by Leata.Ireland 11 years ago

this will be my first session as a youth core team member and im looking forward to doing this activity!!

Posted by melissa 11 years ago

=OP sounds fun!

Posted by Cayla 12 years ago

This is my first night to sponsor our senior high youth group at church and I am very excited to start the night off with this game. thanks for the great idea!

Posted by Felecia 12 years ago

i really like it!

Posted by te 12 years ago

this games reminds me of capture the chicken. or a version of capture the chicken since there is many versions of that game. I'm going to try this version tonight since we are having banana rama for youth group

Posted by kyla 14 years ago

I'll try this tonight and see how it goes!

Posted by bob 15 years ago
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