Balloon Team Keep Up

An active team-building duel game

How To Play Balloon Team Keep Up

Materials Needed

Plenty of inflated balloons


Divide your group up into teams and ensure you’ve got enough balloons for at least a 2:1 ratio to players on a team. 3:1 would be even better.

Decide on an “arena”. It could simply be the room you’re playing, or it could be a marked out box.


Allow the first team to step into the arena. Prepare the balloons (at a 3:1 or 2:1 ratio of balloons per team players). It’s best to distribute the balloons to leaders standing around the edge of the arena to get set up.

Then start the timer and instantly throw all the balloons into the arena as high as possible. The team’s players must do their best to keep up as many of the balloons in the air for as long possible by tapping and hitting them up with their hands or feet.

If a balloon is caught, held onto, leaves the arena or touches the floor – it is removed from the game. Make sure you have some leaders ready to grab these and take them out of the arena.

One the allocated time is up (usually a minute works well) then count all the active balloons and record the score for the team. Give each team a turn (or two) and see which team has been the most successful.

You can also play this as an "up the front" game where you get a few smaller teams to compete in front of an audience.

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on 30 March 2021

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