Bad Habits

An icebreaker circle game

How To Play Bad Habits

Materials Needed

A4 size papers - 5 (for 20 participants)

Distribute a small piece of white paper (A4 size paper cut into 4 pieces and give each piece to every participant).
Each one has to write ONE bad habit (for example - biting fingernails, watching reality tv, picking your nose, emotional shopping, wasting time on facebook) they have in 2 -3 lines without letting it know to others.
Collect all the paper-pieces. Distribute them again randomly.
Each person takes it in turn to read out the bad habit on the paper, and then others can try to guess who's bad habit it is.
The person whose bad habit it is will need to acknowledge when the group has guessed right.


To be honest, relevant, hilarious and be tolerant of others’ reactions.

Added by
Satya Murthy
on 11 April 2018

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Good game, sounds fun. I do recommend that you don't play this with new people, given that they'll be forced to share somewhat embarrassing secrets with people they barely (or don't) know.

Posted by Ryan 4 years ago
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