App Snap

A relaxed, icebreaker game for small groups and large groups

How To Play App Snap

Materials Needed

Mobile Phones

1. Make sure everyone in the group knows each others phone numbers, or at least has a group chat set up where everyone can contribute.
2. The player with the newest phone starts by naming an app they have on their phone.
3. The other players who have the same app on their phone then have to shout Snap!
4. The players who shouted Snap then need to quickly text the name of the app to person who chose the app.
5. The app chooser then checks their texts or the group chat to see who has sent through the first message wins a point.
6. The player who just won a point now chooses another app to shout out.

The player who gets to 5 points first wins.

If a player shouts out an app that no one else has got on their phone they must end their turn and move onto the next player.

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Cude Joram
on 5 December 2016

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you also need credit

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