An active icebreaker no prep game for small groups

How To Play AhSoKo!

Description: An icebreaker for a small group that gets everyone involved with the coordination of hands, voice and pace.

Secondary Objectives: To use hand gestures when signalled without making a mistake.

Primary Objectives:
- warm-up & energize
- entertain
- promote team spirit

Have the group get in a circle. Use hand gestures for the following:

Ah (hand under the chin palm facing the floor)
So (hand at forehead, in salute fashion), and
Ko (arm and hand out in front of you pointing at another player).

One person starts with ?Ah? (hand to neck). The direction the hand is pointing, that person follows with ?So? (hand to forehead). Similar, the direction of the hand signals that person to do ?Ko?. And so on... If someone ?messes up? or forgets to act they are ?outta the game" and step out of the circle. The person to the right has a silent 3 second count to start the game again with ?Ah?. This game continues until 2-3 people are left (up to you whether the last 2 compete for AhSoKo champion title!).

Continue to involve everyone. The people who get ?out? can become ?hecklers? whose job it is to try to get the others to mess up. Rules of being a heckler are, hecklers must stay on the outside of the circle, cannot obstruct vision, physically touch anyone, or be cruel.

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on 17 June 2010


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This game is great. When I was 13, it was one I wanted to play all the time.
It works on memory too. (at least the way we played it...)

Posted by Hylian Gamer 2 years ago

Please correct me, ah and so can only go left or right using the same hand? Or alternate accordingly??

Posted by anon 9 years ago
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