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Egg and Custard Game

Action games Team building games Wide games

How To Play Egg and Custard Game

This is a wide game that we play across the grounds of a school, best done at night time.

Each team is given an egg and a cup of custard. The aim of the game is to complete all the mini challenges with both the egg and custard in tack.

The game starts with each group being given a clue which will lead them to their first challenge. Once each challenge is completed, they gain points for their team and the next clue which leads them to the next challenge.

In between challenges, the teams must be stealth as there are spotters on the loose, who take points off the teams if they are spotted. This is a great element to the game, as not only are you taking care of a cup of custard and an egg, you have to work as a team to hide from the spotters.

Examples of mini challenges include an egg toss (stand in a circle and throw the egg to one another), obstacle course (across a playground maybe), tyre jump (like the army, each team member must take their turn running with the egg and custard through the tyres) etc. Be creative with the challenges, the aim is to make it more difficult to keep all the custard and your egg.

When all challenges are complete, they head back to the end where points gained and lost are tallied up and the winner declared (or you can do it as a time trial).

Awesome awesome game, but very time consuming.

Materials Needed

an egg per team, custared in a cup, any materials for mini games.

Submitted by Samara on 16 Jun 2008 12:00:00

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