Easter games and activities that use real eggs

Egg-sperience Easter using real eggs!

We've compiled our favourite Easter ideas that use real eggs. So get your hard-boiled eggs ready and choose your favourite activities and games below. Great to use with for activities with your pre-school kids or games to play at your family gather or fun ideas for your youth group and church events.

Easter Egg Decorating

Hard boil a bunch of eggs and then set your kids up with a selection of paints, glitter, glue and coloured markers. Let the creative fun begin. If you've got a competitive group or they need some extra motivation, why not judge the end results and award a prize for the best decorated.

Easter Egg Nose Roll

Line up a collection of large easter eggs or hard-boiled eggs at the starting line. Start the race and players must aim to be the first to roll their easter egg over the finishing line using only their nose! It's more challenging than it sounds.

Egg and Spoon Race

An all-time classic, the egg and spoon race fits perfectly into the Easter "egg" theme and is a great game for a backyard family get together or an Easter themed youth group event. Couple this with an easter egg decorating session at the start and you've got yourself an easter extravanganza.

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Easter Egg Throw + Catch

Players pair up and stand opposite one another a few metres apart. Each pair is given a hard-boiled egg (or raw if you like!). Each round requires the players to throw the egg to one another once. If a pair drops their egg, they are out. If they catch it, they stay in. Every round, called out by the referee, the pairs need to talk a step back to get further and further apart. The pair that stays in the longest will win the prize.

Rolling Egg Bocce

If you're looking for something new and different to try, this fun variant on bocce can be played outdoors or indoors. Players gently roll hard-boiled eggs across a flat surface to land their egg as close to the "jack" egg as possible. Perfect for younger kids as well.

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Egg Shell Towers

To play this game, you'll definitely need to source a good supply of cracked egg shells - preferably rinsed! Once you've got them - you're good to go. A good way for kids to burn their energy and come down from their sugar high after the easter egg hunt.

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Easter Egg Faces

Prepare a dozen or so hard-boiled eggs and draw a different facial expression on each one using a permanent marker. Then put all the eggs back into the carton, ensuring the faces aren't visble to the kids. Get each player to take it in turns picking out an egg. Once they pick one, they must attempt to make the same facial expression as on the egg they picked. Should provide some good smiling and laughter to see how it goes.

Easter Egg Smash

This is not a game for the faint hearted. Take a dozen eggs and hard boil most of them but leave a few to be raw. Each player then takes a turn to pick an egg at random. Once they have picked an egg - they must smash it on their forehead. It's a very simple game really - either the egg is hard-boiled and won't create a big mess, or it'll be raw and there will be egg on their face. It's sure to provide laughs and memories for all.

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