Zone Soccer

An active sports non-contact game

How To Play Zone Soccer

Materials Needed

Soccer ball
Masking Tape

To play this game you'll need to know the basic rules of soccer. Essentially, players must use their feet to kick a ball. Teams can pass the ball to each other, with the ultimate aim of scoring a goal by kicking the ball past a goalie into a rectangular goal. At the end of the game time limit, the team with the highest goals scored wins!

Zone soccer follows these same rules, with a simple change. Each player must stay within their designated zone for the entire game. Zone soccer can be played indoors or outdoors.

To setup, you'll need to mark out the zones. Firstly, determine the total number of players on each team - that's how many zones you'll need. Then divide the field into a grid of even zones. If you're playing indoor zone soccer, then you could use masking tape on the gym/hall floor. If you're playing outdoors, then field markers or rope on grass would work best.

When you're ready to play, you'll need to divide the group into two even teams and give each player a zone to stand in. A player must stay within their zone while play is happening however during a break or after a score, players may choose to swap zones with their team members.

Flip a coin to decide which team starts and give one of their center players the ball to start. Kick away! The game will move at a slightly slower pace to a standard soccer match. Players will need to be strategic about the pattern they pass in and the angles they use but sometimes moving the ball around quickly will catch opposition players out of position and you'll have a better chance of sneaking through.

Depending on the size of the field, the size of the goals and the number of players you have, you'll need to decide on whether having a goalie is a good idea or not. Either way will work.

Here are some example grids for different numbers of players to help get you started. If you have more or less players, you can easily modify the grid to cater for that.

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