Zombie Tag

An active team-building game

How To Play Zombie Tag

Materials Needed

Blindfolds for half the group, and Zombies...

Split into teams of two. One person is the zombie and is blindfolded. The other person guides the zombie what to do and where to go. If a zombie touches another zombie, the tagged zombie is out of the game. Last zombie wins.

Alternative, when a zombie is tagged, the team switches roles instead of being out of the game.

This is my first game, and my first time to host a youth group. Wish me luck!


Tag, Zombies, Blindfolds

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on 3 December 2011


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thanks for the advice

Posted by jake 10 years ago

Think there should be a slightly different version of this game where the Zombies are more like the Zombies on 28 Days Later... they run as fast as they can and when people get caught they have to join "the pack" and run as a mob.

Posted by Shorty 10 years ago

I played this once and my "partner" walked me into a tree...

Posted by Brooke Mann 10 years ago

Good luck :)

Posted by Andrew Rogers 10 years ago
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