Zim Zalla Zim

A relaxed no prep game

How To Play Zim Zalla Zim

14 Jan 2022 - This is an updated version of "Click Click Bang Bang"

This is a mystery game which is great to bring out at a party or maybe on a youth camp. You can only ever play it once with the same crowd because once the the twist is revealed it no longer works. It works better with a smaller sized group.

The leader pretends they are waving a magic wand and will point to someone in the group and say a funny spell variation of "zim zalla zim". It could be short (ie. "zim") or long (ie. "zim zim zalla zim zim"). Changing up the combos is helpful to keep the game interesting.

The other people playing the game will need to guess who was "turn into a toad" (or something like that). They'll think that it has something to do with the combination of "zim zalla zims" that were used but the simple trick is that it's just whoever speaks first after the magic words are said.

For example:

Leader: We're going to play the "Zim Zalla Zim" game.
(Leaders points at P1)
Leader: Zim! Who was turned in a toad?
P2: P1 was.
Leader: No, I was.
P1: What? But...
P3: Okay then...
Leader: Who was turned into a toad now?
P1: Me?
Leader: No, P3 was. ZIM ZIM ZALLA ZIM!
P2: What?!? That's not fair!
Leader: Who was turned?
P1: I think I was, but I don't know why...
Leader: No.
P3: I'm trying to work it out. P4 was?
Leader: No, P2 died!

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this game sounds fun alrite

Posted by robyn 12 years ago

this Game sounds great! but soo confusing.

Posted by Jono 13 years ago

but how do u know who the killer is?

Posted by ff5luvaddict 14 years ago

its not so much the first person to talk is the killer, but he/she is killing the person to her left and/or right (usually u decide the direction before playing)

its a really great game, me and my friends play it all the time

Posted by josh 14 years ago

It is like the game, "Who has the hat?"

The speaker asks who has the hat and the first person to speak is the one who has it. Many times the speaker will go through a long list of people who "have" the hat, until someone speaks up to answer:

"I have the hat, then I give it to Bill. Bill throws the hat to Sam who quickly kicks the hat to Susan. Susan puts the hat on a train and Phil finds it. Phil gives hat to Jaden, who puts it on his head. Who has the hat?"

Whoever speaks first has the hat.

Posted by Ryan 14 years ago

No need for more instructions, the point of the game is to figure out who the killer is, they ask questions and such, when they do figure out who the killer is, that game is done, keep playing for a while until they begin to figure out how the rules of the game, which there is really only one, the first person to speak is the killer. ok, you can try and switch it up by winking and stuff, when you point and say bang bang, or hold your hands differently, this will distract them from the fact that its the person who speaks first. hope this helps.

Posted by Jeremiah 15 years ago

sounds kind of like mafia but need more details for game

Posted by anon 15 years ago
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