Wink Them To Sleep

A relaxed no prep non-contact game for junior youth

Also known as: Wink Murder

How To Play Wink Them To Sleep

14 Jan 2022 - This is an updated version of "Wink Murder"

Arrange the whole group seated in a circle and your Detective standing in the centre.

The game required the Detective in the centre to identify the chosen "Winker".

Using a pack of cards to secretly select a winker (or perhaps more) who ever gets the ACE etc...

The Game is a foot....

Our vigilant detective is scanning the group to see who our winker is. While the Winker is trying to send a special WINK ;) across to another person in the circle do away with them. Supposedly while in the centre, our detective would have their back turned to them.

The victim of the WINK waits one second or two and dramatically falls asleep indicating that they are yet another victim of the dastardly winker.

No winners really but the competition of who can subtly knock off the most victims before being identified.

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on 20 October 2008


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Another really good kids game ( is "I love you but I can't make you laugh" -
The purpose of this game is to make people laugh. The group stand in a circle, then a player says "I love you but I can't make you laugh" to a member of the group. If they laugh then they say "I love you but I can't make you laugh" to another member of the group. If not, player tries another person.

Posted by Sarah 11 years ago

verse 11 of john 10 is also good.....ok really the whole passage is AWSOME! I am doing a lesson on unconditional love and it ties in really well especially with john 15:12-13

Posted by hallie 12 years ago

i my name is lilly i love the game and my kids too
i will never forget it

Posted by lilly 13 years ago

My kids love this game and the sticking out the tongue works a lot better for younger kids. The dramatic deaths are really fun too. we usually all end up in one pile on top of each other lol

Posted by miss 13 years ago

can be played in 5-10mins depending on how much time you have and how quickly the games go for

Posted by 13 years ago

Work John 10:10 into your lesson and your got a winner...

Posted by Shawn 14 years ago

I've played this game where instead of winking, you stick your tongue out at the other players...seems to work better with younger players.

Posted by B-Max 15 years ago
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