Wink 'Em

A relaxed no prep game

Also known as: Wink Steal

How To Play Wink 'Em

Materials Needed


Make a circle of chairs and have of the group sit down. There should be one extra, empty chair. Then the other half of the group should go stand behind a chari. But one person will have to stand behind the empty chair. They will start the game by winking at someone sitting in a chair anywhere in the circle. They will try to quickly get up and move to the winker's chair before the person behind them taps them on their shoulders. If the person posted behind them taps them on their shoulders before they leave the chair, they must remain seated there. And the winker tries another person. Once a person is safely up and out of their seat into the next one, the person whom they left is now the winker.

After a few minutes of playing switch the groups around.

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on 16 November 2008


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This game is the reason I attended only one session of my church high school youth group. It was horrible. I was so shy, and I couldn’t tell who was winking at whom, so I didn’t move. People were irritated with me for that, including the guy behind me. In our version of the game, the guy behind grabbed the girl. I didn’t know the guy behind or many others in the youth group because they were older high schoolers. Way too much touching, especially if you don’t know the people.

Posted by Kay 1 year ago

This is my absolute favorite game, except we played it a little differently. The guys are not allowed to look up as they can only look down at the girls head/shoulders, except for the guy with the empty chair. Also, instead of tapping, the guy would grab the girl instead. Makes it more fun that way, plus the girls get more determined to get away.

Posted by Vanesa 4 years ago

When I was a teenager, we all loved this game and played it often with large youth groups. The kids were always really into it.

Posted by Isaac 5 years ago

I have played this game over the last 40yrs and it never gets old. Yes - there is the whole boy / girl tension - but you have that anyway. This game is excellent if leaders join in and can laugh at themselves. Leaders make sure everyone gets a turn - it does great for the kids selfesteem and if managed correctly, can build great respect between the kids. Watch the quiet ones become the "sly winking" champs. One of my all time favorites. If you haven't played - don't knock it!

Posted by kiwiyates 10 years ago

Lame. What a baby game! Two thumbs down.

Posted by Maggie 11 years ago

winking means your impure? hmmm i missed that in my Bible. Great game for youth thanks!

Posted by Johnny 12 years ago

Played this today.
Excellent fun. And appropriate for youth groups...

Posted by Shal 12 years ago

agree with Jeremy, doesn't sound like a good game for youth. purity...

Posted by Josie 12 years ago

sounds like more of a dating game then for a youth group

Posted by jeremy wright 12 years ago

sounds fun

Posted by oksana 13 years ago
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