Who's Line Is It Anyway

An active team-building drama game

How To Play Who's Line Is It Anyway

Materials Needed

paper, pen, hat, dice

Everyone's seen the "Whose Line Is It Anyway" TV show right? Anyway, it's a theatre sport game. The possibilties are endless but I'll just start off with something simple. Get everyone to write out their name on a slip of paper, then mix all the names up in a hat or bowl. Also prepare some ready chosen bible stories and put them in a separate hat.

Here's how it's played:

1. Pick out a random (well known) bible story.

2. Roll the dice.

3. Whatever number you rolled, pick out that number of kids from the hat.

Those kid(s) must act out the scene in a matter of minutes. On the spot... no preperation. Usually the more outgoing and active kids will try to get the shy, quiet kids involved. It can end up really hilarious if only 1 kid is chosen for a scene that needs many actors!


As I said above the possiblities are endless... this is one version of the game and it could be played in many ways so feel free to be creative and comment back to let everyone know how it went!

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on 19 February 2008


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i like this game you referred bible story"

Posted by 11 years ago

We are trying the "Whose line is it anyway?" at youth group tonight, will let you know how it went.

Posted by Cathy and Peter 12 years ago

I have a group of about 10-20 kids it varies from day to day..i'm going to try it with them tomorrow to see how they like it! and I will come back and let you guys know! It sounds like so much fun :o]

Posted by Katie 12 years ago

this game sound like a lot of fun i love it.

Posted by melanie 14 years ago

Who's line (the show) is a great inspiration for funny games to suit the more mentally motivated students or those who are just class clowns...

Posted by Shawn 14 years ago

I hope maybe you can help me understand how many kids play.

Posted by keylannie gonzalez 14 years ago

these games are great,easy sounds like a lot of fun

Posted by Sister Debra 15 years ago
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