Who Are You?

An icebreaker game for small groups

How To Play Who Are You?

Materials Needed

paper, pens

Each person gets a piece of paper and a pen. They need to write down their name and three facts about themselves. The facts could be anything - maybe some more obscure ones that other people wouldn't know.

When everyone has written down their name and their facts, collect up all the papers, and also hand out another piece of blank paper to each person.

Then you can read out all the facts on the collected papers. After you read out the facts on each sheet, write down a sequential number on the sheet of paper and read out this instead of the person's name. Give each person a chance to write down who they think that person is. So everyone will end up with a sheet with numbers and names. Then at the end you can read out the answers and see who guessed the most correctly.


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on 1 May 2014

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